On September 1st 2019 Valley Community Housing Corporation changed our name to Luminest Community Development.

Our Mission: Building Stronger Homes, Better Homes & Brighter Futures

Why did we change?

We feel that changing our name will allow us to reach even more people with our message.  Our new identity will better reflect our dedication to our partners, residents and the wider community.

What to expect

In the weeks and months ahead you will begin to notice changes to our official correspondence, website and property signage.  Although a lot of exciting changes are on the way, we want you to know that our dedicated staff and our mission will remain the same.

We look forward to making a difference in our community!




Where should I send my payment?

Payments should still be sent to the administrative office located at 82 W Queen St, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Who should I make my rent check out to?

Checks or Money Orders should still be made out to the community in which you live.

Did you move?

The administrative office has not moved, we are still located at 82 W Queen St, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Will my community name change?

No your community name will not change

How do you get a hold of us?

You can still call us at 717-977-3900 or visit the website  You can also follow us on Facebook or Linkedin